Women Emotional Healing Retreat in Indiana

The retreat is designed to help you to get into the state of happiness, to help you work and process your unwanted emotions like grief, anger, sadness and others, to reduce stress and eliminate anxiety from your life.

You’ll return to your life more grounded, more centered, more wise—filled with a joy that is unshaken by outer circumstances.

You will be surprised when after your return, you will be complimented on looking very fresh, vibrant and younger.

These are the effects of clearing your buried emotions and releasing heavy energies from your field, as well as breathing fresh air, enjoying nature  and eating healthy food filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. 

How Does It Get Any Better Than This!?


Results Which You can Expect from the Retreat

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Better and longer deep sleep
  • Greater sense of happiness and enthusiasm
  • Higher focus and improved life-work balance
  • Improving relationship with yourself and others
  • Connect more deeply and easily with others
  • Better understanding of your needs and desires
  • Improve your relationships within your business and society;
  • More self power to become best self,to stay true to yourself and your values

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