Weight Loss Body and Mind Detox Retreat 7 Days Indiana USA

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During our daily life we accumulate a lot of physical, mental and emotional debris.

For many, it is very difficult to have a detox program at home and in this situation the help comes from attending a specially designed retreat with professional guidance.

What will be happening on the Retreat

  • During the retreat you will be served a low fat healthy vegetarian diet, to detox your body.
  • We will serve fresh juices specially designed for physical body detoxification.
  • You will be provided with the Herbal Detox package to use during the retreat to help eliminate waste  from your body.
  • Daily we will be practicing Different kinds of Meditations to help you detox your mind and calm your emotions.
  • Daily Morning Yoga Class will help our body to get in shape.
  • Essential Oils Class will teach you to manage your daily stress and other life situations.
  • Emotional Healing and Spiritual Lectures will help you to find the road to happiness.


What may change in your life after the retreat 

  • Reduce your stress level ;
  • Learn stress management techniques for daily use;
  • Ease your daily business management practice;
  • Help you to make better business decisions;
  • Help you to find your road if you got lost or stuck on the way;
  • Improve your relationship with your family members and loved ones;
  • Improve your relationships within your business and society;

Full Information about Weight Loss Retreat  and Pricing