Tucson Gemstone Show Retreat Tour -7 Days of Crystal Connection with Chakra Balancing

tucosn gemshow retreat with Nina-Basted

The Mineral Kingdom – one of the greatest gifts given to the people by GOD. Our ancestors definitely knew and used the gifts of the minerals in their daily life. 

The legend of Atlantis, may be not the legend at all, clearly shows how crystals can help when used correctly, or be destructive when misused.

What was forgotten for quite some time by our modern society, is becoming more and more popular. Every year the Tucson show is getting more and more busy and the gemstone prices are rising. 

The selection is so huge, that it is very hard to choose what is really needed and what would not bring much benefits, where to go to shop, which stones are natural and which are colored, what priced right or what is not….


Gemstones are the greatest treasures, when selected and used correctly.
Healing gemstones could be used in many areas of our daily life to balance and heal.

We can use rocks and gems around the house to balance the energy of the environment.

We can balance emotions, calm anger, improve mood, help with depression, improve blood circulation and heal many other areas of the body using different kinds of gemstones.

We can choose the right food or supplements that really will work, instead of spending tons of money of the ones that are just not working. Gemstone pendulum will help us to choose.

Using gemstones we can balance our chakras, while we sleep and wake up more energized and balanced.

The correctly chosen gemstone could be a great amulet or talisman.

Learning how to choose and use gemstones in the daily life, this is what this retreat is about.
You will learn a lot of information about chakras;
will learn meditation technique for each chakra;
At the end of the retreat you will know how to balance your chakras, which will help you to improve every area of your life. When you leave you will know how to choose your healing crystals correctly, how to use them in your life.

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tucson gemstones retreat with nina-bastet