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Shamanic Healing Sessions

Heal your emotion-reclaim your happiness.

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Past Life Regression Sessions

Heal your present by discovering your past life

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“The session was a Life Changing Experince. It helped me to heal my realtionship with my mother”

To my first session I came with the question abour the relationship with my husband, but my soul knew better and helped me to find our the reason behind the difficult relationship with my mother. Now when I know the reason and started healing process, it is getting better and better over time. Thank you Nina for great sessions.
Emily K.

Our Healing Treatments Collection

True healing focuses not just on dealing with symptoms, but on finding and healing the underlying root causes of imbalance or disease. The more you understand yourself the healthier and happier you become!

Life is Fun, Start Enjoying it!

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I am a transformational teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist; Reiki and Energy Practitioner, Access BARS and Access Consciousness Practitioner; Spiritual Life Coach, Relationship Life Coach and Spiritual person with a large knowledge base and excitement about everything that life has to offer.

Join us in November and December in Puerto Vallarta for private or small group retreats. Healing with Kambo Frog medicine, Mushrooms and other gifts of Mother Nature will be used to help you heal and grow spiritually

June 1, in Rose Valley we will be connecting to the highest energies of the plant kingdom – the energies of roses to wake up the inner Goddess, to connect to your inner feminine energy. This will help all genders to get happier!

Detox your mind and body with healing energy of Mother Ayahuasca and the Kambo Frog Medicine in Peru. Emotional and spiritual healing is very important step to live happier and healthier, we will be using Mother Nature gifts to help us achieve it.