3 Months Emotional Healing and Coaching Program

emotional healing

Our 3 month emotional healing program program is designed to help one to heal the emotional traumas, and to move on to the state of happiness and life enjoinment.

Emotions are a very important part of our life, which are very often taken for granted. Working with our emotions and healing was never taught in our society, until recently. We learned to suppress our emotions, so we will look “normal”, meaning like everybody else.

But there are no “everybody”. We are all  different, we react differently on life circumstances, on people and situations.

At this stressful and busy life, we need to learn how to express our emotions the loving way. But it is impossible to do without first understand them and heal them and it is a long process.

We were suppressing emotions for a long time and many life before this one. That’s why it takes time to heal them.
Healing emotions happens layer by layer, like peeling an onion, starting from the most recent one and going deeper and deeper.


Read More information about the importance of emotional healing for a happy life.


It is a coaching program, meaning it will require your part of work, such as doing your homework and techniques recommended.

Depending on the state of emotional disbalance, the client could be referred to other healing techniques, provided by other healers and practitioners.

It is optional, but recommended in order to achieve the best results from this Emotional Healing Program, to use all the recommendations.

Our 3 Month Emotional Healing Program includes the following:

Month 1:

  1. Weekly 1 hour coaching sessions (Regular price- $400):
  • 1 Aromatherapy Consultation and Recommendations of use of essential oils during  the sessions (Regular price- $120)
  • Different healing techniques will be used and Taught during the sessions
  • Psychosomatic reasons for different disorders will be discussed and emotional healing techniques will be explained, step by step
  • Emotional, holistic living and relationship coaching
  1. Aromatherapy Raindrop Technique 3 Sessions  (Regular price- $125 x 3);
  2. Chakra diagnostic before and after the sessions (Regular price- $125)
  3. Access Consciousness Bars Session – 1 Session (Regular price- $175)

Month 2:

  1. Weekly 1 hour coaching sessions (Regular price- $400):
  • Different  Meditation techniques (anger Healing Meditations, Forgiveness Meditations taught and practiced)
  • 1 Aromatherapy consultation to re-adjust the oils recommendations if needed (Regular price- $120)
  • Emotional, holistic living and relationship coaching


  1. Past Life Regression Session  (Regular price- $175)
  2. Access Consciousness Bars Session – 1 Session (Regular price- $175)
  3. Crystal Therapy Session for Emotional Balance(Regular price- $120)


Month 3:

  1. Weekly 1 hour Emotional Coaching sessions with more healing techniques, depending on the progress and needs of client: with Vipassana Meditation taught and practiced (Regular price- $320);
  2. Access Consciousness Bars Session – 1 Session (Regular price- $175)
  3. Karmic and ancestry roots of problems Discovery Session and Recommendations.
    Ancestral Connection Healing Session. (Regular price- $175)
  4. Crystal Healing Therapy or Aromatherapy Raindrop Session depending on the needs at that time. (Regular price- $120)

This program can be changed or adjusted depending on the individual needs of the client and the practitioner’s feeling of the healing process.
Follow the link to read about each practice included in the package.


Contact us now at (224) 688-0155 to start your healing process.


By signing up for the 3 month program instead of doing it week by week, you will achieve much greater results.

Unfortunately, people in our society are not taught to take care of themselves and depend on doctors and professional to take care of problems when they arrive.

People do not put enough effort to start and go through with the healing process, having a busy life and many other issues on their plate. Many of us will find hundreds of excuses, only not to do anything for ourselves and this concerns women especially. A women will do everything needed for the loved ones, but will not find time for herself. There are many reasons for that, which will be explained during the sessions.

This kind of living, makes people stresses, emotionally unhappy, ruins relationships and brings to many other problems in life.
For this reason, the 3 month program, will discipline the one, who signed up for it and will help one, to go through with the process of emotional healing.
By signing up for the 3 month program you receive 45% discount from the original prices of each individual session.

3 Month Emotional Healing Program Price:     $$1,548.00 ( instead of $2955.00)

If at any time during the Month 1, you decide to cancel, we will refund the remainder of your payment, less the price for each session you had done.
There are no refunds after 1 month is complete.